Overview: At Georgia Tech there is an introductory course that teaches you the basics of SolidWorks. Within this course there is a group project where you’re tasked to design something that might not be physically possibly, but is just fun to make. My group decided to make a school mascot themed machine that would fly around basketball games and give T-shirts to fans. The flapping mechanism is powered by a motor just behind the middle section. There is also a T-shirt cannon embedded into the stinger and legs equipped with air suspension as landing gear.

Since there was 5 of us in the group we though it would be easiest to split the body up into different sections for each of us to tackle. In the end the assembly consisted of over 250+ parts, all of which were properly dimensioned and documented to ANSII 2019 standards. I chose to design the opening stinger as well as the legs and mid-section. As a note I also made the animation show above.